Year 2013 – good changes to our lives

I’ve recently read some blog posts from a dear friend and that made me, in a way, think about our life in the last 5-6 years and how this has changed over time.

To quote my friend, “once you leave your homeland, you are ‘liberated’ to settle anywhere in the world…” This is so true, especially when you have strong emotional boundaries and sometimes you can feel uncomfortable or even unsafe because of those. But once you have left everything behind, your whole life changes.

Today I have realised that those boundaries are not there anymore, or at least not in the form they used to be. I kind of feel part of this world now and am not afraid to say that I’m Romanian anymore. I’m even proud of it in a way I cannot describe. This is mainly because I feel safe now, probably stronger than I used to be and, why not, more confident.

This year was full of changes: houses, jobs, nurseries, even friends (as in new). Maybe too many changes to cope with, but good changes overall. We’ve realised that we can do pretty much everything we want if we really try – nothing seems impossible anymore. We have also learnt that changes are often good and happen for a reason, so we don’t need to be afraid or resistant.

Well, this beautiful British summer has revived us as well – this could be another reason for which we feel life is good.

All in all, this is what we have achieved this year:

  • We have moved to a British outer London area and schools are really good here; we’re hoping to get Daria into one of them next year.
  • Because of this move, we now live a healthier life and left our couch potato days behind: we have bought ourselves bikes, Florin plays tennis once in a while, we now go to royal parks to spend family days out. We now have a green life.
  • Have moved houses: switched from an amazing super modern luxury impersonal accommodation to a lovely character countryside maisonette. We love it, although we have a hard time trimming the grass with shears… But we are experts in recycling and keeping everything tidy. Speaking of living in houses versus flats in a foreign country, I agree with my friend that you get to know your neighbours better if you live in a house than in a flat. Given that we have tried both, we now know that our best friend in Canary Wharf used to be our porter!
  • I have changed jobs and this is a 360-degree turn in my life; I now have access to beautiful work teams, great friends and, professionally speaking, to all kinds of assets that I didn’t have much access to before (conferences, workshops, internal big events, challenges etc). Moreover, my workplace is a 15-minute walk or a 7-minute bike ride from our house. We also have great Thames views.
  • Daria has changed nurseries and am happy with all her new friends and key persons (carers). This new setting has met my expectations in all ways.
  • We also have new additions to our friends circle. Our best addition is our secret Romanian neighbour and her family. Her daughter is amazing and gets on very well with Daria – they are almost like sisters. They fight, hug and share (or not) all their toys. It’s lovely to see them play together and reassuring that our life goes in the right direction.
  • Speaking of friends, am happy to finally say that we have the most beautiful friends in the world. Different personalities, a great mix of skills and competencies, really warm friends. I almost feel emotional seeing such a great gathering in our house every now and then. I just love them.

I am happy with everything we have achieved and I know we can do more. Sometimes life takes us to unexpected places, but if we know how to make the most of them then we are safe and probably happier.

I hope all of our friends get everything they wish for and that their lives get better with every change they make. Wherever they are, in Romania or in the UK.

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