Why Should We All Have Hobbies?

Life takes us to unexpected places on its roller-coaster ride.

On our journey with its ups and downs, we should not forget to open our eyes and take it all in. We never know when we get to take the same path, so let’s make some notes of it in our heart and put pictures in our inner album.

Bring Your Memories Back to Life

Someone asked me why I have so many printed photos in real life. It’s because we tend to archive our memories and forget. A physical album helps us dig through our special moments and bring out all our memories back to life. It helps us reinvigorate our inner album. It is a healing process and helps us to be grateful for what we have achieved so far.

Hobbies Do Heal Souls

I sometimes write, paint, craft, read, explore nature or just watch the people around me. This gives me the opportunity to enjoy life and reflect on it. I like doing many activities, but I find it hard to choose THE ONE hobby.

What is fascinating in the UK (and probably in other countries as well) is that most people here do have real hobbies and I sometimes struggle to understand why they love what they do. But whatever the reason or the meaning, hats off to them.

Interesting Hobbies Which Are Not Mine

One of our neighbours repairs and washes his car himself every Sunday. I started to believe he purposefully breaks his car just to have something to repair. Or wishes for rain just to have something to clean. He does it with a discipline only he can explain.

I met a friend’s friend last month and she was painting a picture of the daffodils and the trees in bloom in the park. She’s an architect and paints as a hobby. You can see her passion in the way she talks about it and the glow in her eyes. I spoke with her and I was simply mesmerised by her words.

A mum from Daria’s school loves interior design. She did some quick studies, helped some of her friends decorate their houses and now she does it as a part-time job. It started out as a hobby and now she makes a living out of it.

A colleague from work loves wood crafting. It has nothing to do with his job (he works in marketing). Chopping, carving, engraving and other activities are a big part of him now. Beautiful!

My husband loves playing chess. He can do this for hours without stopping. It is inspirational and I’d love to see Daria have a similar hobby.

I love and respect people with hobbies. They have a special glow in their eyes and happiness which can be hardly explained. Not all of them are good at what they do, but it doesn’t really matter as long as they are passionate about it and they persevere.

I haven’t decided what my real hobbies are yet. I like doing things on my own and for myself and I truly believe in the “me-time” we should all have once in a while. That special moment with our inner soul that heals and makes people happy.

I should probably start exploring more…

NB: All pictures in this post are activities I am passionate about. A lot more are in my heart, just not displayed here.