Trip to Barcelona 2014

If you’re planning a trip to Barcelona, these are the main attractions:



Parc de Montjuic

If you come from Espanya underground station (there’s also a lift going up on top of a mall – worth checking the views for just 1 euro!), you take the stairs (or escalators!) towards Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya to find amazing views of the city.

There’s a great fountain (Magic Fountain) halfway through where you can watch a spectacular performance of water, music and light on certain days and times (at dusk). See FRIDAY.

Underground: Espanya or Paral-lel

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Fundacio Joan Miro (

An extensive art collection of his works. Some more information about his work.

Price: 11 euros

From here you can go to see the harbour, or up the mountain to see the castle (see FRIDAY).


Port Barcelona

You can go and see the harbour by taking the funicular or the cable car (teleferic) and enjoy the great views of Port Barcelona.

Price funicular: same as train ticket, 1 euro one way

Price teleferic: 11.50 euros one way, 16 euros return ticket

Underground: Paral-lel


Barceloneta Beach

When you get off the cable car (Barcelona’s port cable car), there’s a great sandy beach where you can rest and enjoy the sound of the waves.

Underground: Barceloneta



Park Guell (

Gaudi was given the assignment of designing Park Guell. Gaudi’s work unites nature and architecture; you can see amazing paths, viaducts and Gaudi’s house designed by himself.

Underground: Vallcarca

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Casa Museu Gaudi (

Inside the house you can find many examples of furniture and other objects designed by Gaudi.

Price: 5.50 euros



Monumental Zone (

Price: 7 euros

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Casa Batllo (

This is one of Antoni Gaudi’s masterpieces. I’ve never seen anything like this. It’s art and passion, maybe madness. I highly recommend it!

Moreover, the augmented reality application you are given as part of the price helps you to better understand how the house was used in the early 1900s.

Price: 21.50 euros

Underground: Passeig de Gracia

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La Sagrada Familia (

In a cluttered area in central Barcelona, Sagrada Familia is Gaudi’s most famous work. It has been under construction for 128 years and will be finished by 2026. You cannot always buy tickets on the day as it can be overcrowded. Buying tickets online is the safest option.

Price: 15 euros

Underground: Sagrada Familia


La Rambla

This is the most famous street in central Barcelona (starts from Placa de Catalunya and ends at Christopher Columbus monument or the other way round). The tree lined central promenade of the Rambla is crowded during the day and until late in the night. Reminds me of Oxford Street of London in a way. The side streets have impressed me more, with lots of entertainment and life.

Underground: Catalunya or Drassanes

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Ronda Litoral

Beautiful palm trees along a wide friendly promenade.

Underground: Barceloneta


Columbus Monument

You can take the lift to go up the Christopher Columbus monument to find amazing views of La Rambla, the harbour and the city.

Price: 4.50 euros

Underground: Drassanes

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Palau Guell (

Price: 12 euros


El Barri Gothic

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Barcelona Cathedral

20140416_172213 20140416_171708

El Cortes Ingles (shopping centre)

Underground: Catalunya



Icaria Beach

Underground: Ciutadella Vila Olimpica

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Parc de la Ciutadella

The Parc de la Ciutadella is Barcelona’s most central park. You can find the Cascada, a triumphal arch with waterfall and fountain, where Gaudi has had some contribution to its built, at that time being just an apprentice. The park also includes a zoo, a lake, several museums and the Catalan Parliament.

PANO_20140417_145445 20140417_150130

Museu Picasso (

Price: 11 euros

Free admission on Thursdays, April, from 7pm to 9.30pm. There’s a long queue that can take approx. 45 mins to 1h to enter the museum.

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Cabaret (show)

El Molino is one of the oldest music halls in Europe, recently renovated. The performance is amazing – I highly recommend it. The actors / entertainers are full of charm, something specific to Latin countries. It’s passion, love, drama and fun all combined into one overwhelming show. “Life is a cabaret!”

Price: 28 euros

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Barceloneta Beach (another trip to the beach)


Teleferic de Montjuic (

Offers you a unique panoramic view of Barcelona. There are three stops: Parc de Montjuic, Castell and Mirador. You can find the cable car outside the funicular station on Montjuic.

Price: 7 euros one way, 11 euros return ticket


Castell de Montjuic (

Price: 5 euros


Magic Fountain

You can watch a spectacular performance of water, music and light on certain days and times (at dusk). I highly recommend this!

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Useful links:

Barcelona Bus Turistic: Map

Underground: Map



Some museums are closed on Mondays; check opening times as most museums stay open until late (~8pm).