The UK Association of Online Publishers (AOP) Awards 2015

We had our AOP awards yesterday. It was my first time there and I must say I have really enjoyed myself.​

This is not my first business event I go to, but what makes it special this time is it’s not us giving away the awards, but we all participate to win. The excitement is simply different.

I sometimes like to observe how people behave in different settings. We all look nice and compliment each other, we speak in a voice that goes up and down sharing excitement, we smile with our eyes, we show off our red painted nails on a glass of bubbly champagne and swing our hips when we walk – it’s like we impersonate a posh character and play our new role on stage. In a way, everyone flirts with everyone without even knowing it. We like to be admired. We go there to sell ourselves and live the moment.

We walk in on a red carpet like we are movie stars; we smile at the cameras as we go in; we greet people we know or don’t know; we find the perfect spot to stand, enjoy ourselves over a glass of rose champagne and wait for the others to show off their outfits. It’s magic.

After an amazing dinner, the famous comedian engages with the audience and announces the winners. The lights and music go wild. The crowd is on fire. They cheer, shout and whistle with excitement. Someone has won an award! Words can’t describe the atmosphere there. They are proud, they are in the spotlight and they get maximum visibility. It’s happiness.

My team FourFourTwo have also won an award at AOP: “Best use of social media”. I’m so proud of them and am happy to be part of their team.

We celebrate the moment over a glass of red wine and the night continues. We hit the dance floor and dive into the music. We are all winners in the end.