Are the Romanians romantic?

The Romanians never fail to amaze me.

It’s the passion we show every time we talk about the things around us. It’s the metaphors we use when we speak and the connections we make with other things in life just to better describe or flag out certain aspects. Our language is romantic and musical (we go up and down on every word!), no doubt about that. We are Latins and anyone can feel this instantly.


And it’s not just the language, but everything that defines us: design, music, decorations, family gatherings, little things we care about, the list could go on. It’s everywhere around us.

The atmosphere in Bucharest at 2 am was amazing! The roads were full of people – some of them singing in the streets -, Christmas lights and people hugging each other or just holding hands everywhere. (Side note: I still have this question when in London: how do you know when two people are together as a couple? The Britons rarely hold hands, hug each other, kiss or touch in public.) The cold was not that cold, the night was not that dark, the sound of the city was perfect.

On the other hand, we are sometimes aggressive (it’s not necessarily our tone of voice, but more the harsh messages we send out), which kind of contradicts our romantic side, but I guess it’s the strong passion inside us that makes us romantic and aggressive at the same time. Or this is probably because we have strong convictions and there are little or no “grey” areas.

Is it the Christmas spirit that brings all these to my attention? Or is it the fact that I sometimes miss my friends and family? Don’t know, but I really think Romania is a romantic country. My heart is, to some extent, still here.

Many thanks to my friends in Bucharest that have made all this possible. We had four amazing days!

We are now in my hometown, Galati, and am sure we will have other surprises, this time more family focussed.