My lovely Brits and their rules

I am starting to love them more and more.

Mainly because I understand them better, but most importantly because they encourage me to become a better person. It’s all about the respect they have towards their friends, family, neighbours and community in general. This is all translated into respecting the rules, be them legal or ethical.

I’ve got so many examples from both my personal or professional life; these are things that have touched me in a way that would probably not touch other people with little implication. It’s just something I like, appreciate and respect. Yes, it’s inside me.

I discover these things every day and, each time I tell them to my English friends, they sometimes don’t understand what is different or interesting about them – for them this is just normal. As for me, coming from a different world, with my eyes wide open and curious about all the things around me, I spot them, lock them in my heart and open up every now and then either in the form of writing or just chatting. The reaction I see is interesting: the foreigners tend to agree and support me, most of the times revealing similar experiences, while the Brits say they have never looked at it from this angle or never thought about it.

Examples range from: the guy who has stopped me riding my bike because I have not dismounted when having crossed the road on the zebra crossing – and, well, this is not sensible with a child at the back -, to the FB messages about the stuffed bear lost on the train, that needs rescuing, or the man stopping his bike, dismounting and picking some chestnuts in prickly shells because someone might get hurt…

Some of these things really amaze me and I sometimes wonder if this behaviour will ever fully become my second nature.

I come from a world where bribery is easily accepted, even if people seem not to agree to it. Where unethical things are considered wrong, but sometimes challenging and maybe exciting especially when you get bored and need a change. And so on and so forth.

Now these new things slowly become a part of me, most of the times without even me realising it. I’m proud when I do something good, I’m happy when I help someone without asking or expecting anything in return, I’m on cloud nine when I do all these without any negative thoughts. I do it because it feels damn good and because I respect the people around me, and even better, I respect myself.

Cannot describe this in simple words, it’s something inside me that makes me want to behave like my lovely Brits. I just want to get rid of all the negative energy and start focussing on being altruistic and respecting simple rules.

I may seem to become a robot (I used to believe the Brits don’t have any feelings), but this is all about setting boundaries and respecting rules to earn respect, it has nothing to do with having or not having feelings. Took me some time to understand this; my culture is heavily emotion-oriented and we mostly make decisions with our heart.


I understand this, respect this, but am still in the process of accepting it. It’s much harder than I thought. :)