Cultural differences

Funny moments at work:

My boss is a really cool guy. He’s not a very chatty person, but when he decides to speak, he’s really funny and catches attention in a blink. I find him very clever and I respect him. One day I came back from a SEO conference in London. I was telling my boss all about that conference and he asked me: “do you think you could deliver a good presentation if I sent you to an event like this one?” I said: “possibly, but who would come to see an SEO exec? I probably need to have a higher position like yours: Head of… whatever, to be able to deliver confidently and catch attention”. All our friends and team members burst into laugh. I didn’t understand what was going on and continued with my clever speech. At the end, one of them secretly told me that my boss isn’t the Head of Whatever. Well, that’s not what I meant!

Another funny situation was… The other day I saw my boss being dressed very smart, which is a bit strange when you don’t meet any clients or don’t go to special events. We are a media company after all and casual to smart casual is what we probably call normal. I was literally shocked when I saw him and I told him: “You look really good! Where are you going?” My lovely friends started laughing again. I asked one of them: “what did I say wrong?” “Nothing, it’s just the tone of your voice that is really funny!” My boss quickly stepped in saying: “hold on, hold on, this is what Irina means: my dear boss, you look great every day, but you look amazing today!” There you go, boss, that’s exactly what I meant!

I even taught my boss to swear in Romanian, because this is the first thing you do when you meet a foreigner. But he’s friends with Google and has immediately searched for that word online. He told everyone that Google is extremely rude to him and the pics showing up have interesting shapes and sizes. Well, I should have known this is what you do when you work in search: you question everything and check online. My other SEO colleague has tried to engage with some people on his way back to his desk using this target keyword. He only got some friendly “hellos” back. Lucky me that those people don’t work in search! Or lucky him? :)

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  1. light play

    Your work life is definitely more interesting than mine! I guess it’s whatever you make out of it… As for cultural clashes, allow yourself to gaffe, embrace it even, and apologize if needed (with your big smile) and you’ll do well. x