Why Should We All Have Hobbies?

Life takes us to unexpected places on its roller-coaster ride. On our journey with its ups and downs, we should not forget to open our eyes and take it all in. We never know when we get to take the same path, so let’s make some notes of it in our heart and put pictures… Read more »

Irina’s leaving speech

Drew, my line manager (Audience Development Director), in front of all who came to say goodbye: “Ladies and gentlemen. It gives me absolutely no pleasure whatsoever to say farewell to the very first member of Haymarket’s then nascent Audience Development team, Irina. I interviewed Irina in January 2013, and once she had convinced me she wasn’t… Read more »

The UK Association of Online Publishers (AOP) Awards 2015

We had our AOP awards yesterday. It was my first time there and I must say I have really enjoyed myself.​ This is not my first business event I go to, but what makes it special this time is it’s not us giving away the awards, but we all participate to win. The excitement is simply different…. Read more »

How we became British citizens (2015)

It took us over 7 years to become British citizens. The 1 or 2-year delay is partly due to the many changes in our life that we had in the last couple of years, but also because this is a long and assiduous process. Moreover, if you are pedantic like I am, it may take… Read more »

Trip to Barcelona 2014

If you’re planning a trip to Barcelona, these are the main attractions:   (SUNDAY) Parc de Montjuic If you come from Espanya underground station (there’s also a lift going up on top of a mall – worth checking the views for just 1 euro!), you take the stairs (or escalators!) towards Museu Nacional d’Art de… Read more »

‘Watching the English’

I’ve been so interested in the British culture recently that I have decided to try and understand it better. The “Watching the English” book is the first step in my attempt to become a British citizen. Yes, I realise I will never fully be English (my Latin blood flows rapidly through my veins), but I… Read more »

Are the Romanians romantic?

The Romanians never fail to amaze me. It’s the passion we show every time we talk about the things around us. It’s the metaphors we use when we speak and the connections we make with other things in life just to better describe or flag out certain aspects. Our language is romantic and musical (we… Read more »

My lovely Brits and their rules

I am starting to love them more and more. Mainly because I understand them better, but most importantly because they encourage me to become a better person. It’s all about the respect they have towards their friends, family, neighbours and community in general. This is all translated into respecting the rules, be them legal or… Read more »

Cultural differences

Funny moments at work: My boss is a really cool guy. He’s not a very chatty person, but when he decides to speak, he’s really funny and catches attention in a blink. I find him very clever and I respect him. One day I came back from a SEO conference in London. I was telling… Read more »

Year 2013 – good changes to our lives

I’ve recently read some blog posts from a dear friend and that made me, in a way, think about our life in the last 5-6 years and how this has changed over time. To quote my friend, “once you leave your homeland, you are ‘liberated’ to settle anywhere in the world…” This is so true,… Read more »